Romancing a Stitch 4/8/2011

Scored some seriously fabulous 60’s vintage patterns this week! Take a look at this Chester Weinberg pattern. How sweet is this? I’ve been on a serious kick with aqua, white and red. What a cheery spring combination. And how fabulous would this be done up in this aqua linen, paired with barely off white silk charmeuse, with this vintage red belt and some dangly red earrings? Can’t think of much that would be better than this except maybe a pair of perfectly matching red shoes! Happy Spring everyone!

Happy weekending!




6 thoughts on “Romancing a Stitch 4/8/2011

  1. I too have found aqua/white/red an irresistible combination of late! I think it’s great for the post-winter doldrums; it’s such a happy, bright look.
    That pattern is a great find! I adore sweet little 60s frocks like that–are you planning on sewing it up?
    ♥ Casey

  2. Oh these “romancing a stitch” posts are just inspirational. It was a pattern that I had in the shop that I was very tempted to keep, but decided not to as I was keeping so many others. Isn’t it darling though? Sigh….

  3. I love aqua/white/red! Oh goodness! I have THE perfect aqua polka dots on white fabric to sew up this Spring/Summer. It’s to die for! And with red splashes? Yay!
    Actually this is a pattern I decided to put in the shop. But it was terrible parting with it. Isn’t it just darling? I did manage to hold onto a Valentino Shift Dress though, which is going to be cut out soon, I think. I’m getting shifty and didn’t ever think I would!

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