On My Sewing Table

Spring is in the air! I was able to snap a shot of this fat little dove that was perched out on my balcony railing. Please excuse the white trash railing which is missing parts and such. That’s apartment life for ya. The weather has been seriously gorgeous here the past week. Don’t mean to brag but, it really has. I love it when it starts to get warm and Spring is one of my favorite times of year as it contains a very significant date of birth. Mine. He he he!

I thought I would start to do posts of the projects on my sewing table. I’m supposed to be working on my Spring Palette. It’s coming along, so slowly, but coming. I’m just about to cut into this butter silk shirting. If you remember it was snagged for vintage Simplicity 5885, view 4. After cutting out a muslin of this pattern and trying it on and looking in the mirror, I realized it was somewhat ridiculous looking on me. In fact, I couldn’t stop laughing as I was looking at myself thinking, “Girl, you look like a clown.” So I decided against the pattern in general. I was about to try a different view, but let’s let bygones be bygones and go with a different pattern. I decided on Simplicity 7896. This is actually a pattern I’ve attempted before and just haven’t finished. It fits easily and the bow is a fabulous touch, not to mention just classic. (And if you are looking for a good bow blouse I’ve got a couple in the shop – here & here) As an induction for Spring and early Summer, I’ve decided to do this blouse sleeveless. That and I don’t have enough fabric for the sleeves. Ha. And I’m going to use Tasia’s rather clever method of bias taping the armholes. Self covered buttons and a little something special to finish it off, but I’ll save that for a later guest post over on No Big Dill.

Have you ever made a bow blouse? What’s on your sewing table right now?




11 thoughts on “On My Sewing Table

  1. I’m literally just finishing a bow blouse this evening! It’s BurdaStyle’s Ute blouse. I love bows. I got this amazing fabric with tiny cowboys on it that sounds silly but is actually adorable. The fabric is called “Happy Trails by Two Friends” and I just was bowled over by the charm and had to have it! Next up, capri pants! My first time. I hope it works!

  2. OMG! I love the new banner! It’s shades of Chaplin in b&w. That’s what I miss lazily reading from my google reader.
    I bought some new floral voile that needs a bow or ruffled collar. I have a vintage pattern with both options, and I’m leaning toward the v-neck with ruffles because it has a Liz Taylor flair. Although when I bought the voile with a luscious plum wool to go with it, Patty the snug bug (who was working at Sewtropolis that day) immediately saw the potential the combo had for a version of your sexy secretary dress, so I’m also thinking of making a variation on that using the vintage blouse for the top part. So many possibilities! (I resisted the pun! Whew!)

  3. I’m pretty sure I saw that pattern recently but passed it up because I have a similar one where the bow starts up at your neck. More like a turtleneck with a bow. Now I’m thinking this one with a low bow might be better….

  4. ~ * ♥ * ~
    I just adore anything with bows ~ they are totally part of my signature style! I cannot wait to see what you sew up Sunni.
    bonita of Depict This!
    P.s. That dove is sooo cute! I love its fluffed feathers.
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  5. Cute fabric! It is so spring appropriate. I have Simplicity 2868 on my sewing table right now. I am working on a black linen pencil skirt. It isn’t the pretty airy fabric you have, but more of a wardrobe staple.

  6. Love the polka dots! 🙂 Funnily enough, I spotted that very pattern in the thrift shop a couple weeks back. Almost bought it, but I tend to not really wear bow blouses (and I already have a couple patterns that fit that description), so it stayed at the store for someone else to find. 😉 Can’t wait to see your sleeveless blouse–it’s going to be so pretty!
    Right now I’m kind of in-between projects. I just finished a quick-sew apron (from a 30s pattern) that I needed to replace my old (and worn out) one. Next up is a blouse for a special project I’m working on. Then who knows? 😉
    ♥ Casey

  7. Hi Sunni, what a timely post. I just finished sewing sencha blouse and was a bit confused by the facings instructions. My question to you is when i am sewing my buttonhole at the back, do i tuck the facing underneatch the back placket? otherwise,the facings are left dangling which to me is not nice. hmmm, i might be confusing you with my ramblings. could you please share some pictures of the inside of your blouse once you are done with it? Great fabric choice by the way

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