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The shop is finally at full speed again. Well again is probably not the best word as now I’m doing this full-time and have never done that before. I have to admit, this first week has been sort of strange. I feel like I’ll be going into work next week or something and then I have to remind myself that that is not so. I work from home now. What’s even weirder is that I was able to finish up a few hams and rolls for the shop in just a few days. It would have been shorter than that even if I hadn’t been a little distracted here and there. That is very weird. Usually it would have taken me a good 2 weeks, if I was diligent and worked all around the clock, left the kitchen in shambles not to mention the rest of my small apartment, put in my hours on the weekend, didn’t do laundry, screamed in the midst of harrowing traffic frantically trying to get home….Oh sorry, I mean if I didn’t get distracted by anything else whatsoever by means of living. Sheesh!

So now I have time to work hard, get things together quicker and do research. I’ll be adding new products to the shop soon. Different things. Right now I’m working on belt and buckle kits. Yeah, I’m incredibly excited about them. I could faint, I’m so excited. Hopefully that excites you too. And I’ve been getting emails from friendly readers giving me ideas for things to go in the shop! Thank you! This really helps. Really. I have a lot of ideas, but I like to hear what people are looking for, haven’t found and need. I have some red tape to sort through, not to mention tax stuff, possibly a new name for the shop and official things like that.

In the meantime I wanted to introduce a new version of my ham and roll sets. These are the Classics. They are less expensive than the other hams and rolls because they are covered in muslin rather than a printed cotton. Same quality and fun with a chic, tidy, classic twist.

I’ve also been contemplating tailor’s ham and seam roll kits and/or a pattern. Are you interested in creating your own Tailor’s Ham or Seam Roll? Some folks are interested making their own tools and some just want to buy them, because then they have more time for sewing. I felt this might be a good alternative for those of you stitchers who live overseas, because the shipping to your countries is a bit outrageous. I wouldn’t be able to provide sawdust, so I’m wondering how many of you have access to sawdust? Even if you didn’t there are other alternatives to sawdust that you could use. What say you?

I also wanted to give an incredibly big Thanks to everyone who reads me. Your support about my decision to quit my day job was so overwhelming and I truly felt kindred with those of you who commented. You have no idea how much it means to me. It brings a few happy tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Thank you so much!




24 thoughts on “Shop Sweetness

  1. Hi Sunni,
    I’m a regular reader but a lazy commenter! congratulations on the move to full time etsian, i was delighted for you when i read your news. I’d definitely be interested in a kit for the seam rolls and hams, and if no-one else have suggested it already, i’d love to see those metal frames and clasps that you can use for purses and bags, in particular the big ones for the an old style doctor/carpet bag – i’ve not found the big ones anywhere yet! enjoy settling into self employedness 🙂

  2. Sunni,
    I to read you regularly but very rarely comment. Not because I don’t have things to say but more because I’m usually reading you on the run and feeling rather intimidated but all the followers who ask great questions and sew quite beautifully! I can’t wait until I have enough time to focus on slowly and carefully sewing a pair of trousers with all your helpful tips and tricks, They are very clear and concise! Your blog is great! Congrats on the new full time job!

  3. I started reading your blog just around the time when you announced you’re starting your own business. It is very exciting to follow your journey. I personally would be interested in patterns for tailors ham/roll, mostly ’cause I have a serious condition of DIY. I have no idea where to get sawdust, but it can’t be that hard to find. I will continue to follow your blog with excitment.

  4. I’m so excited for you & your new endeavors, Sunni!! I’ve been sooo tempted by your ham/seam roll sets, but I feel a little silly (only a little!) since I could–in theory make them myself. So, I would LOVE to see kits for your hams & seam rolls…especially if it included the saw dust. It seems like that is pretty hard to find. 🙂 A pattern or e-book would be awesome, too!

  5. It is a change working from home, I had to train myself to “go to work”, ie go to my room!
    I love your colourful ham and seam rolls, and think a kit or pattern would be a winner. Plus it does seem silly couriering all that sawdust around the world!!

  6. oooh the new shop looks very pretty! congratulations and best of luck in your new full time job 🙂
    You have a really lovely aesthetic.

  7. Belt and buckle kits would be great! I’d like to be better at accessorizing beyond earrings and an occasional necklace 🙂 Your ham & roll sets are beyond cute but unfortunately I already have both in the plain ol’ colors. Good luck!!

  8. OOOh I’m so excited for the belt buckle kits! I wish you the best of luck and I truly enjoy reading your blog, thanks for all the time you put into it. =)

  9. I’d love a pattern for the ham and seam roll. I’ve got some cute wool that needs put to work. Looking forward to all your shop additions! All the best!

  10. I would definitely support a pattern for hams and rolls! I’ve wanted a sleeve roll for a while now, and I love love love the smell of sawdust.

  11. I am really excited for the belt and buckle kit ! What a good idea ! However as I live in France and as the shipping is soooooo expensive (I wonder why it is so, by the way. I’m sure you are doing your best, of course, but I couldn’t help but notice that the cost is not that high in other shop. Is it because of the weight ?), I will probably just end up drolling in front of my computer wishing I could afford them !!! Anyway, I wish everything will work out wonderfully for you ! Bon courage !

  12. I’m so behind, but I am so happy for you! As a proud owner of both ham and seam roll from you (I even brought the roll with me here to Italy), I know you will do great. And I am *definitely* interested in a belt kit. Good luck and remember we are all here to cheer you on 🙂

  13. Id definitely be interested in seam and ham roll kits, living here in NZ it would make shipping expensive if sawdust was included (that, and the fact that customs would NOT let it in, no way no how). But I can access sawdust easily enough.
    You could also use the likes of garnet sand, or sandblasting sand in it, for those who couldnt access sawdust.
    The belt kits are a fab idea too. I am always on the look out for plus sized belts, and have figured I’m going to have to make my own, but no idea where to start!

  14. I’m super excited about the belt kits too, great idea!
    Best of luck with everything. 🙂 I bought my tailor’s ham and seam roll kit from you about 6 months ago and absolutely love it!

  15. I love the idea of belt kits! I’ve been beginning to experiment with belting over my clothes (instead of just to keep my ill-fitting jeans from falling down on me…all the more reason to keep working to conquer the jeans sewing!), and seem to have trouble finding belts that are both fun and fit me properly. Are you thinking more of a fabric belt, or the wide elastic-type ones with cool buckles? Because either would be great!

  16. Those are so cute! Hehe… too bad already have a wonderful set from your shop that I absolutely love! 🙂 Oo… the belt kits are a wonderful idea! Hmmm.. what about vintage notions… like buttons and zippers?

  17. i won a ham set of yours in a blog giveaway a few months back, and love love it. sooo amazing, and tha packaging was great

  18. Excited for you in this new chapter in your life! Congratulations, truly, for this big step =). As you can imagine, there are many of us rooting for you!

  19. I really love your blog, and am so very excited for you and your new day job. I am a little jealous I must say. Please please do a pattern for a Ham. I can’t wait for the belt kits…

  20. So happy for you, Sunni! As i said before congrats for doing what most of us are only dreaming of attempting some day 🙂 it takes a lot of courage and determination! you should be very proud of yourself! I think the idea of kits and/or patterns for the ham, and the roll are really good. I wanted a few times to get them for my mom but shipping the sawdust overseas doesn’t make sense to me.
    Also, I can’t wait to see what else you’re working on 🙂 you have such good taste and always inspire me!

  21. Could we have a belt kit AND a sewalong? I have never made a belt but they are the big fashion right now, and most of my summer dress pattern have a belt pictured but no belt pattern. There are belt patterns from the Big Four but the belts are not the classic shape shown on all the Big Four patterns that need a belt…how did that happen?
    I need a ham and seam roll, so I will keep my eyes peeled for a pattern, just hoping.

  22. I’d love the pattern please? I’m in the UK and the ones in your shop are beautiful, but the shipping is ruinous! Sigh.
    I love your style and am starting to develop my own (finally!). Congrats on the change in lifestyle and I wish you every success with it!

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