Fit for an Outing ~ Stripes & Polka Dots

I’ve been meaning to do outfit posts like these for awhile now. I find, sometimes more than others, that actually mixing in the clothes I make to my current wardrobe can be harder than making them. I have this very weird thing about saving garments for well….I don’t even know. I mean, it can only be worn on this certain day of the year if the sun is behind one cloud and the leaves are a certain color of green. You know. Well, hopefully you know what I mean.

This past Friday, I went home and felt sort of blah. I didn’t want to sew. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to do anything. Kind of a little funk. I felt the same way Saturday and didn’t even get out of my pjs. EEEeek! In fact, I carried a blanket around with me all day too. Like I was sick or something, and I wasn’t. Sunday rolled around and a link on Casey’s inspirational post (some of my favorites that she does, because she’s always exposing me to new things) gave me a new perspective on my wardrobe. This girl’s got great style and even though I gather she’s not working a regular 9-5-er, she gets dressed and perks up everyday. There is something to be said for that. I was talking to Mr. S over the weekend and asked him why he got dressed that particular day and he said, “Because it makes me feel good about me.”

I’m not saying that I don’t feel good about me. I do. I’m just saying that the days when I put forth effort and get dressed I feel better. Case in point, my Saturday this past week. Staying in pjs all day can take its toll. Though somedays I’ll admit, it’s a necessity.

Tuesday, this week, I had taken the day off work. I thought it was the perfect time to actually get dressed and even take a few photos. I curled my hair, took a little more time on my make-up than usual and dressed up my Bella jeans with the stripey top and polka dot scarf. Nothing much really. But I felt good. And that’s a start. Here’s what I wore ~ Stripes and Polka Dots:

  • Button up striped shirt – Thrifted, though it is a JCrew
  • Polka dot scarf – something I picked up at TJ Maxx
  • Bella Jeans – made by me from this Burda Style pattern
  • Houndstooth shoes – Cole Haan (I got them for a steal when I used to work retail)

How do you feel about getting dressed on a day to day basis? What makes you get dressed? How do you feel when you get dressed? I would love to know your thoughts on this just to see if they are the same as some of my own.




19 thoughts on “Fit for an Outing ~ Stripes & Polka Dots

  1. You look great!
    Most days I dress very casual (jeans and a t-shirt is my company’s “uniform”) and though I’m comfortable I often feel very blah. However on days where I dress up (which could mean just a nice blouse with my jeans) I feel so much happier and confident. What you wear really can make all the difference.

  2. Absolutely! I have decided that March is my month for “me-making” rather than “me-made”, and is a time to think about the whole shebang: hair, make-up, and actually putting myself together in a more coherent, planned way rather than in a mad morning rush. Soemtimes I literally get dressed in the dark – and it shows! So this week I have thought out my outfit, while still in bed, down to the earrings and the lipstick, then just have to get up, shower and put it all on. If I was really organised I would do it the night before, but, yeah, like that’s going to happen!

  3. I had a ‘blah’ weekend too, wasn’t sick just ‘feeling slummy’. It always happens to me in the winter time thankfully spring is just around the corner. I napped on the couch with the dog in my PJ’s ALL day on Sunday, watched some really terrible TV, and barely worked up the energy to walk the dog and find something edible to sustain my body.
    My grandmother used to tell me ‘If you act like you feel bad you will feel bad.’ This is mostly true, if I’d gotten up and done something I might have felt better and more productive. But it definitely helped recharge my batteries.
    P.S. Your outfit it really cute. πŸ™‚

  4. I definitely understand! I feel like I put so much work into the garments I make that they are somehow too precious to wear. I used to have the same reaction with some of the vintage items I bought as well, but I have been actively working on having – and wearing – a wardrobe, not an archive. I swear my yoga pants call my name though…

  5. I know what you mean! I tend to “save” pieces in my wardrobe for no reason at all either! I have always been that way. I make a fuss if I’m going to an event, but am more laid back in my day to day dressing. Besides, with two little ones (1 and 4) I don’t dress up nearly as much as I used to. Though this year I want to make more of an effort to change that and incorporate more skirts and dresses into my daily wardrobe. Baby steps.

  6. Love your jeans, super cute! I definitely feel better when I’m dressed, even if I don’t plan on going anywhere that day. Not to say this always happens (especially in winter), but I notice the difference. The office I worked at in LA was casual dress (even flip flops, which I could never get used to!), but I’d wear my dresses and heels or jeans with a blouse and I felt good. I actually even feel better if I get dressed when I have a cold – not anything fancy, but out of my pj’s. It’s all in the mind I guess!

  7. I have a job which requires me to wear clothes I don’t mind getting dirty. The problem now is I find I would rather throw on lululemon (overpriced work out clothes) when I get home and on the weekends. I was really in a funk and my husband must have been wondering where the stylish woman he married went to. I started dressing myself on my days off and doing my hair and makeup; I can’t believe how it has changed how I feel about myself.
    P.S- Your photo’s look like they are straight out of a magazine. At first I thought you took them off JCrew’s website but then I realized it was YOU wearing the clothes!

  8. You look so cute! Love the stripes with your shoes, too. And those jeans are fantastic!
    I feel much better about myself when I get dressed. Even knowing that though, sometimes I still find it difficult. I work from home once or twice every couple of weeks, and I admit on those days I often find it hard to get really dressed. Case in point today: I do have on cute high-waisted jeans, but I’m wearing flip flops and a white tank top with my curlers in. Not exactly put together, but still feels better than sitting around in my PJs.
    However I do think when I’m feeling blah for whatever reason, getting dressed really helps. It makes me feel better about myself, and then wherever the blah came from usually feels a bit farther away. Especially when the blah came from feeling like I was letting myself look like a hobo! πŸ˜‰

  9. I work from home but I get up every morning at the same time, shower and take extra care to get dressed, add accessories and make sure I LOVE what I’m wearing. I also try and come up with a new outfit every day. And then I just stay at home all day most days! Some people think it’s weird but I love feeling “done up”. Makes the home experience a lot more fun.

  10. You look like a model in your outfit today, Sunni! Sorry you were feeling so crummy. Bring on SPRING!
    I dress up every workday. I work in a fairly casual office atmo, but I can’t stand wearing jeans and casual clothes every day. I think it makes you less productive when you look sloppy. I’m hoping some of my “fashionableness” will rub off on the others I work with. Cat sweaters and Birkenstocks (with socks!) are NOT office appropriate. Apparently when you’re HR, they are, tho. Ugh.
    I make a clothes plan on Sundays and try on the new combinations to assure that I won’t look silly when I’m getting dressed at o’dark thirty every day. This planning keeps all the clothes I have in rotation and shows what I’m not wearing so I can cycle it out to a consignment store I love. Nothing is saved for “some day” or “special”. Today’s the day. If I’m not wearing it, it’s OUT.

  11. Well, I don’t have a 9-5 job, or rather a job that pays me in dollars, but I still make the effort to get dressed and made up every day. Some days I don’t feel like it and just feel gross all day. It does something to your confidence and productivity, even your mood. Lately I’ve been attempting to wear skirts more often, just because I like to feel feminine. Some days I don’t even have anywhere to go. Anyway, keep it up! You look super cute in your photos! πŸ™‚

  12. Great outfit! Love the jeans, love that the bangle adds a dash of colour.
    Sometimes I don’t get properly dressed, which makes me feel hardworking and ambitious when I’m working in my pjs early in the morning. But if I let it go too long, at about 11am I start to feel like the laziest person in the world. Then I get dressed πŸ™‚
    I’ve been working from home for a couple of months now, and on days where I get dressed with purpose, I feel better! In my head I’m professional, I’m cool and collected, I can take on the day! Nothing worse than spending the day in grubby house-clothes and then catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, wondering ‘who IS that wreck?’
    The point of my ramble is, you have this closet full of fabulous clothes, wear it! Wearing a cute dress even if you just stay home, makes the day so much better. I try to do my hair every day and put on makeup, even when working from home and going to school. Twenty extra minutes in the morning makes the whole day better. (Or it does for me, anyways!)

  13. Lovely jeans! And yay for combining stripes and polka dots! πŸ™‚
    I’ve had a lot of pj/loungewear days in the past couple of weeks… I’m still going to uni but I’m on a break right now so I don’t really have a reason to leave the house every day. Plus, it’s been cold. I’m not a fan of dressing for cold weather. I’m also feeling kind of blah about my wardrobe right now… I have to think about why and liven it up a little sometime soon. πŸ™‚
    BTW, I just got your book in the mail! Thanks so much again! I’ve already read the first half on January and now I’m on the lookout for a cute gratefulness-notebook. It’s good to be reminded sometimes… Have a great day!

  14. i love this post (and the outfit! inspiring! i may just dress today!).
    i always feel better when i dress to dress, but it IS hard to get the will up lately. i blame february and march. that’s interesting about your Mr S… ruggy knows how to dress too– whenever he asks me “is this okay?” (which he never asks when he comes correct) i know he really means “this is a totally unacceptable outfit but i really don’t feel like changing so just tell me it’s okay.”
    and thank you for your thoughts on my opera post– i really enjoyed reading them. there’s a reply there if you’re interested; blogger needs desperately to get on the response bandwagon.

  15. i have a tendency to “save” my clothes as well. i can’t really explain it, but it’s almost if i feel like i need to reserve them for a more “special” occasion – i.e. “i can’t wear this shirt around the house bc then it might be dirty tomorrow and what if i want to wear it to the bar tomorrow???” – thus i have favorite shirts that i’ve worn maybe 3 times. it’s ridiculous, it doesn’t make sense (especially since i have a washer/dryer and i can, you know, WASH my clothes when they get dirty!) and i end up wearing the same boring stuff every day and not the stuff i really love.
    i do dress up every day, it helps that i work in an office job where we are encouraged to look nice. on weekends, i find it hard to dress myself in anything more than ratty jeans & a tshirt unless i’m going somewhere.
    anyway, i love your outfit! πŸ™‚

  16. Due to work-related stress, I haven’t had time to focus on sewing or creating new outfits in several months, and it’s starting to take its toll. I feel boring. For work, I do put on clothes I like, but they’re the same ones over and over again. It’s been a while since I added anything new to the mix, and that’s what is getting me down right now–the monotony and lack of real free time to sew or go thrift shopping for new treasures.

  17. Haha, I did the same thing this weekend but felt the opposite than I normally do when I dress in pjs all weekend. I was super productive in terms of sewing AND I felt really great about having no make up all weekend (and I’m sure my skin felt the same). Its getting into Autumn here though, and so cozying up seems fine πŸ™‚

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