Guest Post: Vivat Veritas

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a guest over here on the blog. Ms. Chie of Vivat Veritas contacted me last week and so sweetly agreed to do a guest post over here. As many you are probably aware, this stellar designer came up with that infamous backless dress on Burda Style I saw awhile back. I’ve seen so many versions of this idea since then. And isn’t it just to DIE for? Yeah, it is. So without further adieu, I present to you Chie of Vivat Veritas and her beautifully inspired world:

Hi! My name is Chie Duncan of the Vivat Veritas Clothing Line. I am so honored to be a guest blogger at one of my favorite sewing blogs, the Cupcake Goddess.

I love sewing. It all started when my close friend from college, lent me her sewing machine. I first used her sewing machine to remake an old hippy looking maternity dress I bought from flea market.  I liked the fabric but not the style so I thought it would be fun to turn it into something a little more appropriate for my age and time in life. I immediately starting cutting and sewing but had no real plan in mind. The whole process was fun but, unfortunately when I finished the project, I couldn’t fit into the dress. I didn’t realize that the fabric had no stretch, and I didn’t think to add zippers or buttons. After this I realized that I had some learning to do before I tried to remake anything else.  So I started researching about sewing and patterns and the steps required to make something which would actually be wearable.

From that point on I slowly taught myself how to sew women’s clothing.  I used online resources, such as BurdaStyle and other video tutorials. When I first began this process it would take me three days to complete one project, but slowly, I got better at sewing:)

I usually get inspiration for new sewing projects from blogs and other BurdaStyle member’s projects. My favorite fashion blogs are The Glamorai, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Late Afternoon, Karla’s Closet, Natalie Off Duty….just to name a few. I subscribe to many more fashion, sewing and design blogs, and reading their new posts is one of my morning routines.

I have a folder on my desktop, called “inspiration” where I save some pictures which I revisit often. When I fall into sewers block, I go there and use those resources to get my juices flowing again.

I love going to any and every fabric store I find. Visiting fabric stores has almost become a hobby in and of itself. I usually don’t have a shopping list when I go to a store because I always end up buying something different than what was on my original list.  Because of this I decided to just go and buy whatever strikes me at the time. I like
fabrics that are comfortable to wear, such as jersey and cotton. I am more prone to use prints than solid color. My usual M.O. is fabric first design second.  If I like the fabric, I usually buy a couple of meters and then begin to think of the best use for it.

My favorite garment at the moment is the dress pictured. It is a modification of the JJ blouse from BurdaStyle. I always come up with new ideas for garments while I am sewing.  I first sewed the JJ blouse without any modification but over time thought of my own modifications. For this JJ, I shortened the blouse, added a waist band, and square gathered the skirt and added a side zipper.

So, I’m curious, do most of you start with a plan in mind or make things up as you go along? For me the freedom “to see what comes next” is half the fun.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Vivat Veritas

  1. I usually start with a plan but if something isn’t looking right or not coming out as I had anticipated I’ll make changes accordingly or just plain old “bag-it” and start from scratch with the new design idea!

  2. I love your backless dress! Such a fresh and creative idea. You have made it so beautiful with your fabric choice also. No wonder it has been so eye catching on Burdastyle! I’ll be watching your upcoming ideas!

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