Susan with pencil skirt fever, from Masshole Seamstress…….Come On Down!

For all you “Price is Right” fans out there, please imagine Mr. Bob Barker barking out these lovely words, gold mic in hand, in a backdrop of crazy 70s gameshow decor and of course the girls, but I’ll spare you my comments about them. In case you didn’t know, this is the winner’s own special ode from me. Ms. Susan, from The Masshole Seamstress, you have won……(drumroll, trumpets, fanfare, opera singer, heavenly angels choir, silence…) THE BEST GIVEAWAY IN THE WORLD! (If you do not believe I’m a goon, well I’m quite sure that now you do).
Let’s all have a chat about how it was arrived at that, indeed, Susan is the winner. After the most horrible day in the world for me I came home and had a good sit down at my computer. The giveaway had ended. The long hot bath had been taken. The tea had been sipped. The reading of the comments had commenced and it was time to decide how I was going to give the giveaway away. Ha. I decided to just pick someone randomly. A little number generation, some mouse clicks, finger pointing, eyes closed and I landed on Susan. Susan’s comment was thus:
I would love to win this – you’ve seriously inspired some pencil skirt fever in me. Can’t wait for fall so that I can break out the wool and flannel! 

I can’t wait for you to break out the wool and flannel either. In fact, I, myself, can’t wait to break out the wool and flannel. And I need to make at least one more pencil skirt. Maybe three.

And that is my tale of how The Best Giveaway in the World was won! I really do expect to see Ms. Susan flaunting her prize for all to see sometime soon. Have a glorious Monday and please put in your congrats to Susan.

Dearest Readers, Facebook Fans and Blog Subscribers, you’ve all been so terribly wonderful. Your comments were sweet (I read each and every one of them) and I’m so happy to have so many friends out there. It made the most horrible day in the world all better. Thanks a real bunch. I’m crowning you all with Cupcake Goddess Status and hoping that all your stitching dreams come true!


5 thoughts on “Susan with pencil skirt fever, from Masshole Seamstress…….Come On Down!

  1. Congratulations, Susan!
    And I hope you’re feeling better! I just stopped by to say that I had to laugh at your comment about feeling the need for more casual clothes in your self-stitched wardrobe over on the flickr discussion section, because I’m having the exact same issue with my SSS thing!

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