A Look Into My Sewing Space

Denise over at the Blue Gardenia did a little interview with me about my sewing space. I had alot of fun answering the questions she asked and taking photos of my somewhat small sewing space. Denise has posted it over on her wonderful blog. And don’t forget to check out her fabulous shop where she sells great vintage sewing patterns and vintage jewels. Have a look-see.


5 thoughts on “A Look Into My Sewing Space

  1. Wowie it IS so neat!! My sewing space is such a mess – I really need to sort it out!
    Loved having a peer into your space though – thanks for inviting us in!

  2. Your sewing stuff is so cute! I’d die of embarrassment if someone saw my ironing board cover; I always lay a white sheet over it if I take a photo of a work-in-progress on there…

  3. That’s a very nice interview, and somehow it seems you have a very rational approach to you systems: Planning next project, choosing patterns e.g. I wonder if I could ever do anything similar… Probably not as I usually have 5-10 projects going on at the same time! Just one question: That iron, what brand is it? I’ve started looking for a steam iron, and I don’t really know where to start…

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