Ode to a Ham

A Tailor’s Ham to be exact. I was finally able to find and get my hands on some sawdust to fill a Tailor’s Ham with. Local sawdust in fact. I know, so silly to be so excited about sawdust. I’ve been wanting to make my own tailor’s ham and seam roll for awhile now and have just never mustered up the energy to go and get the tools necessary to make them. Those perfectly adequate hams and rolls you buy from the fabric store are well, adequate. I wanted something more….luxurious and colorful. Ha ha ha.

Sawdust is rather interesting when stuffed into a ham or roll. It acts as a natural absorber of moisture, not to mention it has more weight than that poly stuffing you would normally find in one of these pressing aids. I was so thrilled with my findings and with the ham and roll I made for myself, I decided to make some for the shop. I’ve made a few sets and also some for individual sale as well. Can I also say, that looking at them makes me so happy too. They are so much more colorful and exciting than the boring ones you buy at the fabric store. I have loads of various colored wool and cotton fabrics. My favorite is the orange wool combo above, but then again I LOVE orange! They are simply splendid to use. Simply splendid. In fact, they kind of make you want to actually press as your sewing up that silk dress and such.

I made little bags of sawdust to go with each Tailor’s Ham and Seam Roll purchase too, because sawdust will naturally compact after about a week of use. Just unpick the handstitched opening, pack in some sawdust spoonfuls and stitch back up.

And that is my ode to a ham. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Ode to a Ham

  1. They are so cute! I don’t have a ham, but I plan to get one sometime in the future. How fun to have a colorful one instead of that ugly red plaid.

  2. Nice! I went to my dad’s house last week to get some sawdust out of his workshop to make my own ham. I’m glad I waited because I didn’t think to put a little hanging loop on it. I’ll copy that on mine, if you don’t mind!

  3. So cool! Your ham and seam roll are delightful! I actually caved and bought a ham this weekend but I wish I’d waited, your handmade versions are so much prettier!

  4. I love the new photo. And, the hams are so great. I will have you know that although I sell on Etsy, it was my first official purchase. (My husband bought me a Skunkboy, but this was the first thing I bought for me.) Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop and I bought a map pendant after that. Good think I was teaching so my fingers were busy elsewhere or I may have kept buying.

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