Forever In Blue Jeans, Babe

Um…. and you thought I wore the pants here? If you don’t know by now, this is my Mr. S. And I’m his Mrs. And we go together like peaches and pie. He he he. I’ve never sewn a single stitch of apparel for Mr. S and I thought it was high time. He was in desperate need of new jeans. I’ve seen the jeans bug hitting a lot of stitchers these days and I think for very good reason. Everyone wants jeans that fit really well, have a great wash, and make their…ahem…features stand out. I love jeans. Love them. I’m planning to make my own soon. Very soon.

When we go shopping for Mr. S, we run into troubles. The tall and thin troubles. You see, we can find clothing for tall people, but not thin people and we can find clothing for thin people but not tall people. Mr. S is a small boned dude and really he’s not that tall, but clothing companies seem to think that if you’re a small guy that means short and thin. There’s nothing beyond a 32″ inseam in jeans. It’s so rare to find a pair of 34″ inseam pants in a 30″ waist, and that in our price range. Is it crazy to anyone else that we spend (at least in the US) over $100 on jeans? Sometimes over $200. Um, that’s just silly. Do you even realize how much I paid for the fabric for these? The fabric wasn’t even on sale and it was still only $3.99 a yard. And I only needed 2 yards for this. Under $10 folks. Now that is really sick. I mean really.

I wasn’t emotionally prepared for the hunting of  jeans that don’t seem to exist this time around. So here is Kwik Sew 3504. Doesn’t look like much on the pattern cover, but these are jeans peeps. I’ll be making these again and again, I think. I don’t know that Mr. S is completely convinced that he likes them. But hey, these are my first pair. A few more and perhaps he’ll be swayed. Let’s get down to specifics shall we?

I used a stretch denim for these, which was murder, complete murder on my machine, and did a gold denim topstitching thread.  Having read the Selfish Seamstress’ posts on her jeans and Petite Republic’s post on her jeans, I knew just where to find the rivets. Give that an ebay search. Surprisingly, jean buttons are just at your local fabric store, usually, so those were pretty easy to get and then I took a look at Brian Sews tutorial for how to make these puppies work. After all was said and done I tried distressing the jeans. I’m not sure that these really worked out that well and I don’t know if that’s because of the stretch in the denim or not. I tried bleaching these and sandpapering them and giving them a few bleach pen streaks. Google “How to Distress Jeans.” And they are still not quite right and I’m not really happy with the result. And by the way, I tore up my fingers pretty good with all of these methods. Best tip if you are going to try this: wear gloves! Oh well! Let’s get back to the pattern.

The pattern is actually quite good. There are a few tweeks that still need to be made for next time, but overall I’m happy with the fit and the construction. The instructions are great and quite straight forward. Totally recommend!

And that’s that. Sigh. I’m ready for a really easy sewing project next. What say you?


19 thoughts on “Forever In Blue Jeans, Babe

  1. Wow, that’s impressive. I must admit that just thinking of me sewing jeans gives me paranoia – I’m so sure It will be a fiasco.

  2. I think they look great! The thought of sewing jeans has always sounded crazy to me, but lately I’ve seen some really impressive ones on people’s blogs that have me reconsidering. Hmmmmm.

  3. Oh they look fantastic! Totally professional, they don’t look home-made at all. Love the back-pocket stitching. I know, it’s crazy what people will pay for designer jeans these days. Congrats on making your own budget-friendly version that still look amazing!
    I haven’t started my men’s jeans yet, but now I’m inspired again. Great job!

  4. Wow, they are really impressive, the fit is great and the extra touches you have added make them look really professional. on first look I thought they were jeans you’d reblogged from a catalogue or something. Mr S is pretty too, what a lucky girlie you are!!!

  5. gorgeous and inspiring. No one in my house can wear store-bought pants without a lot of “best I can do” and bad alterations. I’m getting ready to tackle that problem. Muslin for me is all tweaked and ready for the appropriate-weight trial garment, which I hope will be wearable. Next, pants for girls, after that I’ll have to see whether we move on to jeans for anyone, or go one more set of pants for hubs. Eventually, though, jeans, and these are lovely. Glad to know that very uninspiring Kwik Sew did the job. They get my vote of confidence after getting me through girls bathing suits with no serger and no bathing suit experience, though.

  6. Very nice! Hehe.. I have yet to make something for the hubby… I don’t think jeans would be my first choice they’re too intimidating. 🙂

  7. Wow, you blew me away with this 🙂 I came across one pair of cool pants and I was thinking that would be too much for the moment, even the idea of trying to sew pants makes me think of a failure…and here you come with an awesome pair of jeans! and you say it’s not as difficult as one might think… 🙂

  8. Wow, I’m really impressed! Topstitching jeans and sewing through all those layers just keep me frightened… These pair of jeans look very professional! Well done, Mrs Cupcake!

  9. I’ve made this pattern many times now for my bloke and I agree, it is a winner. I have the opposite problem; a short man. Shortening the legs and getting the knees hitting at the knees was a problem. That and fitting overdeveloped thighs! I actually have rather enjoyed making his jeans and have a pair cut and ready to sew for myself. I love your pocket design; I went with something far more boring.

  10. wooo! they look real nice on your guy!! he’s a lucky one to have a second one coming soon 🙂 i LOVE LOVE the top stitching on the back pocket!

  11. Oh boy! I am not sure how it will turn out if I were to make jeans?!?! It will be interesting to make one and find out. That is very impressive, indeed!

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