How to Make your Eyes Glitter or Right out of a Harlequin Romance Pt II

After becoming enamoured of my first Harlequin Romance Novel, I’ve been wondering how to get my eyes to glitter. I do realize that the couples’ in these nutty romances are also in love and therefore, the eyes might glitter in part because of that. But I’m in love too. My eyes aren’t glittering quite yet. In the novel, The Unlikely Mistress, the characters wore clothing that offset their eyes by either wearing the same color as their eyes or wearing a color that complemented the colors in their eyes.  The interesting thing is that I’ve also been reading Adele Margolis’ book on fit. It’s an incredible read and not only does she talk about fitting garments properly and what to do if they don’t but in the beginning of the book she talks about color complementing and coordinating a garment, which is also offset by some of her humorous expressions.

Ms. Margolis talks about some interesting points which I think would be good to bear in mind as we are trying to get those eyes to glitter. Let’s use my eyes as an example. To get my eyes to really glitter I can wear the same color as those that are in my eyes and the colors that contrast with my eyes. My eyes are comprised of a few colors, blue-grey (which I’ve never even tried to wear) yellow and amber. Surprisingly, I look exceptional in yellow and amber and I do think my eyes come out when I wear those colors.

What about the colors that contrast with my eyes? If you take a look at the color wheel, contrasting colors are the colors that are directly across from each other and/or side by side. Bearing this in mind, my would eyes would stand out in violet, blue-violet, red-orange, yellow-green, orange, blue and green.

One more, are you ready? There’s also the color that contrasts when your eye colors are mixed together. Say, you mix the yellow and amber in my eyes you get yellow-orange. Yellow and blue-grey make a greenish yellow. Amber and blue-grey make a greenish brown color and various shades of brown and green do look particularly striking on me.

So after all of that, ha, let’s recap:

Colors to wear to bring out those EYES

  • The colors within your eyes
  • The colors that contrast with the colors within your eyes, aka the colors across/right next to each other on the color wheel
  • If your eyes are comprised of more than one color, the resulting color when your eye colors are mixed

Now, apply all those formulas and see what you come up with. I’m interested to know if anyone’s ever thought about this and what colors you usually wear to bring out those eyes.


5 thoughts on “How to Make your Eyes Glitter or Right out of a Harlequin Romance Pt II

  1. Hmm… I’ve been trying to accentuate my eyes with makeup, rather than with clothes.
    My eyes are brownish with a lot of olive green pigment. Surprisingly, I’ve found that purple, blue and gray shades suit me better than green. Brown makeup is a big NO NO to me, because it makes me look tired and sick, hence not very flattering. Also, I’ve discovered that bright basic eye shadow is a must in my case. So, I use a lot of snow white eye shadow.
    When it comes to colors of my clothes, I avoid khaki, beige and mustard – they’re so wrong for my skin complexion. Well, I wear some shades of beige, but I usually combine them with contrasting colors.

  2. I am not so good with this sort of thing usually, but you have the loveliest colouring. If I had your gorgeous red hair and blue eyes I think I would wear violet. Maybe subtle amounts of emerald green eyeliner. You are lucky to have such stunning colouring – I have brown hair and brown eyes!!! (Not saying there is anything wrong with that combo, just not as pretty as red hair and blue eyes 🙂

  3. I think you have always looked so fabulous in blue, and it was noticeable to me that in the dark blue frame, your eyes do seem to glitter.

  4. Very interresting post! My eyes are sort of green and amber (an indefinable colour actually)I’ll take my colour wheel and think about it (great idea the same photos with different colored frames)In your case, I think deep blue and amber really bring out your eyes colors…

  5. Blue blue and more blue. Maybe some grey for me…but other than that? ummm not much
    You have gorgeous eyes 🙂 Sparkle them up!

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