A Zipper Conundrum

I always have trouble with zippers. Here you have my almost finished green silk dress. I’m thinking about adding some pockets and possibly a ruffle hem. I love the way it flows and the color, well I’m a greeny person, so its just perfect for me.

Here is what is not perfect. We were going along so well and then this happens. And I’m not unpicking it and taking it out again because I’ve done that 4 times already and its starting to really show on the silk, making the zipper look even worse. Yes, I do realize the zipper is white. Here was my thinking when I couldn’t find the perfect color:

Get a white invisible zipper and then paint the pull green with green nailpolish (which I have) and voila! Perfect! Apparently not so. Now I’ve got to come up with a way to fix this. I am thankful that if I keep my arm down at my side you won’t be able to see the zipper at  all. But since I’m not Barbie with plastic molded arms that always stay in place and I see that this will run into many problems such as driving, drinking, writing, dancing (which I totally plan to do in this dress) and the like I’ll have to come up with something that will hide the white part of the zipper that is now showing so beautifully. I was thinking that I could attach a tab of sorts made of the fabric and put a button on the other side. That might just do the trick. What do you think about a big white button? Ha ha ha.

This pretty green number is almost finished, and after I take some pics I’ll post how she was made and with what pattern and such. I was also getting ready to post about how to insert a zipper smoothly but, that might take some rethinking. Ahem…Happy weekending all and to you and yours, may your zipping action be smooth!



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