Hot Buttered Rum, light on the butter

When I was young, my mum would always watch White Christmas as the holidays grew near. It’s become one of my favorite holiday traditions and something that I look forward to every year. Fancies of a bygone era, complete with dancing, singing and a white snowy christmas. And though its title may indicate that, indeed, it is a Christmas film, I always start thinking of it come Thanksgiving because of that small line that Bing says right before the quartet breaks into song about snow. “….hot buttered rum, light on the butter…” I never really even thought there was such a thing, just thought it was one of those delicacies of minimal vintage appeal. The idea occurred to me a few years ago to actually search for a buttered rum recipe, just to give it a good try. Needless to say, this is not some bygone fancy, but a very real and true treat, and one to sip white trimming your tree. And of course, to drink on Thanksgiving Day. Its a small reminder that life isn’t just about hard work and toil, but also about coziness and warmth on such a beautiful day.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, did you know it wasn’t elected an official holiday until Abraham Lincoln was in office? Not surprisingly we have a woman to thank for this yearly ritual of enjoying the bountiful harvest. So in the spirit of thanks and giving here’s a little treat to keep you in the nostalgic mood as you offer up your thanks and begin trimming your Christmas tree. Bing knew what he was talking about here, this rich and decadent treat will become a tradition for you as well, I’m quite sure. A holiday tradition from me to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe




(White Christmas Film Stills from internet rummaging)


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