The First Snowfall

Snowed here today. Didn’t stick in the valley, but made a small pack on the mountain side. The snow drops are lingering on the Autumn leaves. It’s sad to see Autumn pushed aside so soon, but I suppose it must be so.

Winter is coming
The Goose is getting fat
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny
Then a hay-penny will do
If you haven’t got a hay-penny
Then God bless you!

All Hallow’s Eve is close upon us as well. Oh goodness. Mr. S and I are waiting for our annual scary movie to arrive. This year we purchased “The Haunting.” The original, not the weird remake. It’s a very interesting and frightening movie and that fabulous black and white makes it all so much more hauntingly ethereal. A very high mark from both of us for this movie.

And no, I did not forget about a few after shots of our “scary bedroom.” I finished all the painting this past weekend, and just in time too, by the looks of the weather around here. All the furniture is black. Initially I thought this would probably make everything look really dark, but I’m surprised to see that everything looks very light and cheery against the black which makes it very soothing to have the two balance each other out. We now have matching nightstands, both black and were thrifted for a whopping total of $30. And my great grandmother’s old dresser is now black too. Oh yes, and I painted our metal bed frame black as well. Mr. S keeps raving about the room. He says that its really opened everything up and that it looks so much better. Once I have the bedding finished I’ll give you a better shot of the entire room, but for now you can oogle over the furniture tidbits I’m sharing. Oh and just a tip for anyone who is going to do their own bedroom makeover in the future. I painted everything myself and I started out with your basic latex paint. No I did not use primer as I think primer is a real scam, but that’s my opinion. Well, the latex paint kept sticking. Sticking to everything. Did a little research online and found that for furniture, you need to use an oil based or water based paint enamel. Found an oil based paint, of all places, at Walmart. They carry Rust-O-Leum oil based paint enamel in a few a different colors. Gave it a try and Voila!! no sticking. It’s really magical. One word of caution – takes quite awhile to dry. Like 12 hours. And it’s not a good idea to give it a second coat until the first coat has dried. Trust me on that one. Enjoy loves!


One thought on “The First Snowfall

  1. I love the new paint on the things, and the dresser at the top is really quite pretty. I cant believe you thrifted that! Im excited to see the big finish! It has snowed like a foot here today. Brrr. Its still there too! Kinda fun!

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