Words to Live By

My bestest friend was up here over the weekend and seeing as how its fairly near our half birthdays we gave each other the presents we would have given each other had a birthday celebration occurred on our birthdays by us. She gave me this invaluable book with tidbits of Nancy’s unfailing style and verve for “real life.” I read the 1950’s revised versions that were checked out regularly from the library and must say that I secretly always wanted to be Nancy Drew. There was nothing she wasn’t prepared for, no outfit she didn’t look good in and no problem she didn’t know how to solve. What an icon. Now I have an ongoing collection of the classic versions, of which you can find many reprints here and of course, ebay. They all hold irresistible charm for me. Totally, totally wish I had a “roadster” and some side-kick chums named George and Bess or Helen Corning.

To keep you clued in on your way through the mystery of life here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“A smart sleuth keeps an overnight case in the trunk of her car with pajamas, a robe, two changes of clothes, toiletries, and at certain times of the year a bathing suit–in case of sudden adventures.”

“When a crazed villain leaps off and starts dancing with you across a field, take this opportunity to interrogate him for clues in between twirls!”

“Do nearly faint upon being rescued so you can be picked up and held by good strong arms.”

Happy sleuthing!


2 thoughts on “Words to Live By

  1. That is so funny! I will have to remember to bring extra batteries for my flashlight the next time I intend to explore a spooky attic. I didnt see the rule that when investigating frightening sounds while home alone, be sure to be wearing very skimpy clothing. That might be just a TV rule. Haha! By the way, happy anniversary! I think it might be a man thing to twitch all night long because David does that too. And it makes me want to push him off the bed when it keeps me awake. haha.

  2. Even I know the skimpy clothing rule. Come on Abby. Im glad you liked the book Sunni. I mean, I knew you would, since Im your bestest friend and all. 😉 I need to model the apron on my blog. I am currently modeling that scrumptious little cake, if you know what I mean. Ill get around to exercising it off one of these days…or not.

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