Some 4th of July-ness

Mr. S and I, traveled down to Cedar City, UT (my hometown) to visit with family for the 4th of July festivities this year. It was such a pleasant weekend. We picked some fresh sweet peas right off the vine from my parents’ garden, a treat I haven’t had in a long time. They were delicious and so refreshing. We went on a rather lengthy hike with my sister and brother-in-law to Kanarraville Falls where we caught some unbelievable views and felt some unbelievable pain later on. My legs are still sore. I can barely walk. Yes, I am a wimp and can not believe that my sister, who is pregnant and still went on the hike with us, is not sore at all. It was through water the majority of the way, ha, so my shoes and socks were completely soaked by the time we were finished. Mr. S really tried not to wade through any water and he was doing quite well until we came to a sort of pool where there was no other option but to get your feet wet. He looked so sad on the other end of the pool looking at me for sympathy, but ended up getting wet anyway as he traversed through the pool.

Mr. S has been keeping secrets lately with this little one. Apparently Ms. Mckinley calls Mr. S everyday and pretends to talk to him on the phone. She even lays in her bed with her hands propped up behind her head and will start laughing and kicking her legs as she is talking to him. Hmmmm…. she has so much personality, it’s hard not to laugh. She absolutely adores Mr. S which is rather funny since, as we all know, the S stands for Sours which is what ends up happening in many situations. Ha ha ha! When Ms. Sassifrass (Mckinley) came over one morning, she immediately asked where Mr. S was and was told that he was upstairs in our bedroom, to which she replied “Oh good. I was so worried about him.” And well you should be, Ms. Sassifrass.

Happy 4th of July friends! Here’s to a beautiful summer just up ahead!


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