My Little Pretties

It’s such a shame that Spring has to move on. It’s such a beautiful time of year. I’m catching a few last breaths of her and basking in the lovely light of the early evening. It makes me want to sip rose water all night and just breathe in the heavy aroma that these blossoms drape across the air. I’m feeling oddly romantic lately. And a little adventurous.

I’m looking at things that I’ve glossed over before and actually seeing them. Oscar Wilde said, “To look at a thing is quite different from seeing a thing. And one does not see anything until one has seen it’s beauty.” That’s a very pleasant thought. I never stop learning. Working on some new projects here and there and have been utterly swept away by those Bronte sisters again. You know, Charlotte, Emily and that one forgotten one, Anne. I knew the romance was coming from somewhere. Oh yes, back to seeing… I always get sidetracked. I’ve been seeing some beautiful vintage fabrics and remembering a particular quilted heirloom that my grandmother gave to me. That’s beauty enough really, that she would actually applique and hand quilt some wonderful piece for me. There are simply not words for it. Sadly no pics yet, as it is buried in our bomb site of a closet. I’ll pull it out this week, in honor of Mother’s Day and give you a special peek. It’s a beauty. Mmmmm….what are some of your favorite motherly memories?


2 thoughts on “My Little Pretties

  1. Oh my goodness! Did you take those pictures?! They are simply breathtaking! I can’t wait until Spring actually hits Laramie- still no leaves or buds or flowers or anything. I love that quote as well and think we could all enjoy life more by seeing the beauty in things.

  2. Your pictures are amazing Sun! I need to work harder at making the things I snap pictures of beautiful.

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